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Connect with fellow executives for guidance and objectivity

Join a peer advisory group to help you improve your team's performance
Receive insights on your specific challenges from fellow executives

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Thermo Fisher
Mission Health Communities
Ernst & Young
Northwest Rubber
Walbec Group
CRM Workforce
Association for Equipment Managing Professionals
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Elements of the Ambition In Motion Executive Mastermind Group

Spend 3 hours per month. Gain an incredible amount of value!
Peer Advisory

Receive monthly guidance from a group of executives that can relate to your challenges, are willing to be vulnerable with you, will challenge your beliefs, and will share their insight from handling similar circumstances.

Horizontal Mentorship

Connect with a fellow executive for regular mentorship meetings. Horizontal mentorship occurs when two leaders are open to learning from each other regardless of their age or title. This is a proven method for achieving optimal results from mentorship.

Lunch & Learns

Learn from guest speakers each month on topics relevant to leadership. Guest speakers are typically best-selling authors or TED Talks speakers and all topics provide a unique lens on how leaders can improve their performance.

Executive Symposiums

Join in-person Executive Symposiums where leaders come together to network, problem-solve, and discuss a current topic in leadership. Engage with a curated panel of diverse thought-leaders.

This is consistently one of my favorite hours of the month.Coming together as a group, whether I am in the spotlight or somebody else, I consistently learn an incredible amount every meeting. It is pretty powerful how applicable these learnings are to my everyday work.

Don Whetro


AR Homes

Image of Don Whetro
Why do leaders need an executive mastermind group?
Even the best-intentioned leaders make mistakes. Whether you are managing your team, your board, your boss, or fellow colleagues, how you handle the challenges you encounter has an effect on those working relationships.
An executive mastermind group provides an objective environment for leaders to test their ideas, voice their concerns, and receive feedback before going live.

Challenges often discussed in the Ambition In Motion Executive Mastermind Group

How to handle disagreements with board members
How to drive results when team members are resistant to change
How to relieve bottlenecks
How to approach conversations with a challenging boss
How to confront organizational change
How to lead remote teams
How to guide multi-generational teams
How to be effective during times of uncertainty
How to create processes that improve the communication and performance of the team

How the Ambition In Motion Executive Mastermind Group works

Schedule an evaluation meeting to see if you are a fit for the executive mastermind group
If determined a fit, complete the registration assessment
Meet your executive horizontal mentor and other members of the mastermind group
Attend monthly group meetings and mentor meetings to work through your challenges
Gain perspective on how other leaders would handle the specific challenges you are facing


Improve your leadership acumen by having your mindset challenged
Build a network of respected executives that want you to succeed
Impact fellow executives in a positive way
How to create processes that improve the communication and performance of the team

I needed to have someone at my level to brainstorm with. At the executive level, it can be difficult to find people that can help challenge my thoughts or check my ideas. I don't think I realized how much I was needing these conversations until after I started meeting with my mentor and meeting in the mastermind group.

Melinda Honcoop

Chief People Officer

Image of Melinda Honcoop

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Connect with external executives for guidance and objectivity
Join a peer advisory group to help you improve your team's performance

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