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Who is Ambition In Motion?

Ambition in Motion started in May of 2013. Our goal was to help college students avoid additional semesters of college. We achieved this by connecting them with mentors in order to clarify their career path and goals.

What started as one-on-one coaching which then evolved into group meetings and coaching. As our program gained traction on the Indiana University campus, we started gaining a lot of interest from fraternity and sorority students.

One of those students was the Director of Alumnae Affairs for her sorority chapter. As her chapter was tearing down and rebuilding their sorority house, they were looking for a way to re-engage their alumni. Ambition in Motion created a mentor program to connect students and Alumnae in this unique case.

This ultimately grew into working with fraternities, sororities, honor societies, and pre-professional organizations on over 300 campuses through national partnerships.

By leveraging the expertise of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, Jake Oury and Kyle Bradley, we facilitated over 1,000 mentor relationships and established best practices for optimal pairings.

Further research led us to discover that many of our alumni mentors were dissatisfied upon encountering internal company driven mentor programs. These existing mentor programs used matching criteria based on factors like years of experience, area of expertise or status. There was a sense that these internal mentor programs lacked structure and were not driven by the science in the way that our program was.

Ambition in Motion, driven to help these young professionals, ignored the accepted wisdom and developed a unique pairing algorithm that resulted in a 6-month mentorship that outperformed existing matching methods by 4x with regards to being considered productive and of a high standard by both mentor and mentee.

The arrival of the COVID pandemic resulted in restructuring of budgets in many companies that had intended to start a mentor program. Ambition in Motion used this opportunity to leverage our mentor research and pairing algorithms to help leaders and executives gain objectivity and insight through a program of horizontal, mutual mentorship by connecting leaders from different industries.

Feedback from the early participants in the executive mentoring process indicated that access to our Work Orientation data could help these leaders manage their teams better.

Through multiple iterations, we were able to create a product that would allow leaders to have a pulse on their direct reports' engagement levels, productivity levels and individual goals on a month-by-month rolling basis. We call this tool AIM Insights and it has helped teams better set goals, measure performance and engagement improvement, and create greater communication between direct reports and managers.

If you're aiming high we'd love to hear from you.

Garrett Mintz
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